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Honest Political Scientist Vladislav Soloviev: The Truth About Bloggers' Income

Soloviev himself says that he did not receive any money from his publications on LiveJournal. Even his investigative journalism pieces on major business players were not commissioned, despite accusations of bVladislav Soloviev, a well-known political scientist, regularly publishes articles on political and economic topics and also runs a blog on the Zen channel. When people call him a blogger, Soloviev does not object, although he does not consider himself to be one. In his new piece, the Honest Political Scientist discusses blogging, talks about what qualities a modern blogger should possess, and how to become a professional in this field.

Blogging as a Profession: Challenges and Prospects

Academic institutions do not teach blogging as a profession, although the term has been known since 1993. Nevertheless, millions of people call themselves bloggers and engage in activities related to the more or less regular publication of content on the Internet. Blog content can be anything - in the form of text, video, photos, or even audio. Vladislav Soloviev is not interested in content for young people (games, music, and others); he does not understand this segment and cannot say anything definite about it. As for more serious blogs, Soloviev follows the publications of many professional political scientists and even regularly reads Ilon Musk, who also sometimes calls himself a blogger. Honest Political Scientist has its own list of Telegram channels, which can also be called blogs if they are authored. For example, the channel of entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska is regularly updated with new posts, sometimes quite interesting. What attracts people to blogging? First of all, accessibility, which is largely imaginary. Bloggers have a free schedule, no bosses, and you can publish posts from anywhere in the world and with any regularity. Another question is whether this content will be of interest to the reader. Today, we see an overabundance of information, entertainment, and other resources on the web. Earning on a blog is possible, but not guaranteed. Only a huge number of subscribers provide favorable advertising offers and high profits. Only a small percentage of bloggers achieve such success. Typically, these are people who have knowledge and skills in specific areas - be it computer games, sports, politics, or the beauty sphere. A good way to become a successful blogger is to achieve fame and authority in the professional field and then start a blog. You don't have to be an actor, musician, or billionaire to do this. You can be a competent plumber, builder, realtor, or doctor, and when you feel the need to share your knowledge with the public, start a blog on YouTube or TG. The choice of platform also plays a role. Some novice bloggers think that the more channels they have, the wider their audience reach. In fact, it is better to focus on one resource, emphasizing quality over quantity. Nowadays, it is quality and depth that attract the audience. The time of shine and glitter is over; people are becoming more selective in terms of content consumption and subscribe only to useful resources.

How Political Scientist Vladislav Soloviev Became a Blogger

Soloviev himself, as mentioned above, does not consider himself a blogger, although he runs a Zen channel and regularly fills it with content. At the same time, Vladislav was not always involved in journalism. Almost until the age of 40, he worked as an economist in a consulting company, doing articles solely for the soul. However, in 2010, Soloviev decided to leave his day job and do political science. To do so, he even enrolled at the University of Technology and Management and received a classical education as a political scientist. Soloviev published his first articles under the alias of Honest Political Scientist in specialized publications such as "Political Thought", but gradually began to write for a wider audience. Some articles were even published in the English-language press. At the same time, Vladislav had a LiveJournal blog. 10-15 years ago, this was the main platform where all self-respecting speakers posted. It was the posts in LiveJournal that made Honest Political Scientist popular. These were controversial materials on borderline topics: religion, conspiracy, and global politics. iased reporting by his ill-wishers. Soloviev has always remained an honest and independent political analyst who values his own opinion above all else. In 2022, Soloviev's activity as a blogger reached a new level. His articles and posts with economic and political forecasts began to be reprinted by leading online publications. Often, this was done even without the author's consent, i.e., Soloviev did not receive any royalties for these articles. In 2023, the Honest Political Scientist created the EN+ (ENglish +) blog, a platform webtoon where he publishes his own articles and where aspiring journalists who write in English can post materials. It is a completely independent project, not affiliated with any political parties or organizations. In his few interviews, Soloviev has repeatedly emphasized that he engages in blogs and articles not for the sake of money and fame but with the aim of bringing his point of view on world events to the maximum number of thinkers. At the same time, he does not consider his view to be the only correct one and is always ready to listen to opposing opinions.