political scientist
About me – 01

My name is Vladislav Soloviev. For many years I have actively engaged in political analytics, with a special interest in the economic aspects of events and phenomena

Independent opinion, common sense, and nothing but facts

Biography – 02
I am not affiliated with any political party and always adhere to scientific research and facts in my assertions about state and political matters
Graduating from the Moscow Institute of Technology and Management
1997 – 2004
Working as an economist, head of the economic department, and head of the audit committee at such companies as "Sistema", "Uniland", and "Regent"
Switching to political science and studying by correspondence at the State University of Management.

The start of publications of analytical and scientific articles and economic and political reviews in various newspapers and magazines
Delving deeper into political science and working as an economic expert, blogger, publicist, and columnist on various online resources. Conducting investigative journalism
from spring 2022
Increasing public presence, publication of materials in blogs, social media, and messengers.

Expressing an independent opinion on the decisions and actions of Russian political elites during the period of special military operation.
2004 – 2008
Working in the "Premier Consulting" agency
Publication of a series of articles on global crises in the public and political life of Russia and the rest of the world
2016 – present
Regular publication of analytical materials on large enterprises in the economic sector of the Russian Federation and their CEOs
Projects – 03
The blog contains articles on various topics and has informational value.
Project EN+
Publications in mass media – 04
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    @2023, Vladislav Soloviev. All rights reserved

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